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Green Guidelines
Consistent Green Practices and Specs at David Dulay Homes
Green building is a process that encompasses getting the most from a new home's orientation on site, best materials and specifications to construct the home, and the ongoing impact of the home on the environment and its homeowners.
Energy Efficient Planning
  • Attention to the orientation of the home on the land will improve future heating and cooling costs by taking advantage of wind and sunlight conditions on your site.
  • Plan your budget to put money in the right places: quality insulation and window selections are an investment in your future.
Planning the home orientation
Staking out the homesite
Energy Efficient Building
  • The thermal envelope of the home is established during the building process through proper material installation.
  • Care is taken to seal all potential air transfers, reducing future heating and cooling costs.
R-30 insulation
Recycling During the Building Process
  • Manufacturers of David Dulay Homes recycle wood, metal, gypsum, cardboard, and plastic during the building process.
  • Waste produced on site is also recycled through a local recycler.
Energy Efficient Living
  • Energy efficient planning means energy efficient living.
  • Your ongoing costs to heat, cool, and maintain your home are reduced when material choices are made correctly and careful installation procedures are followed.
Gas fireplace adds heat and ambience
Comfort abounds in a well planned home.
Enjoy the comfort of your new home.

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